This blog is dedicated to my king, Michael Jackson.






His stay in rehab, November 1993

Once he came down for a cup of tea, we got the impression he wanted us to make it for him but we said “sorry Michael, you’ll have to do it yourself, it’s all part of the therapy” . It was true, Beechy instructed everyone to look after themselves, there was to be no star treatment. It was odd watching someone like Jackson make himself a cup of tea. It was like a major exerscise for him…you could tell he wasn’t used to it. “The tea he made looked disgusting, it was really weak, the colour of chicken soup and he piled in 5 or 6 sugars…He also had a hankering for Hobnob biscuits, he had six or 7 and dunked them all in the tea. He didn’t appear to mind making the tea himself, he seemed quite normal at times, and he has a great sense of humour, he used to call Beechy ‘The mad professor’.

Andy mentioned the famous moonwalk…we all tried to do it but made a hash of it and Jackson was really giggling and said we had done okay, then he said “okay guys, Im going to bed’. With that he spun around and glided out of the kitchen backwards in a perfect moonwalk. He was still giggling and had the drink in his hand while he did it….It looked brilliant, you could tell he got a kick out of doing it for us.

Once he went on his knees and started playing piano in the barn. He played a few notes then began singing. It was a love song and sounded really good and he had actually written it right there in front of me. It was amazing to watch, it took him about 6 minutes. When he got up I said did you just write that? He said “yeah, but I have forgotten it already” Then he started looking for something else to do. “No matter what his problems are, the man is a complete genius.”

It was an amazing house, very wealthy looking, but Jackson has all that and was more interested in playing racing-car games with the boy for hours.

“I was aware of the allegations against Jackson but the two behaved like two little kids having fun and it was all totally innocent. Jackson kept getting beaten…whenever he made a mistake he would shout ‘Jesus Christmas!’”

I’m in love guys… I’m in love.  I would make him all the cups of tea that he ever wanted, and I would make him laugh of my moonwalk too. 

Making a cup of tea. Don’t know why actually. Just makin’ it.

This is the man I fell inlove with…. I regret nothing.

he had his tea like  I make mine! weak with a ton of sugar! Ilove him.


that eyebrow raise tho *.*

Making of “Ghosts”
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”My favourite memory of all was when I was driving with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston in his car, in the mid-1980s, singing Dionne Warwick’s greatest hits. Michael would sing one song, then Whitney would sing the next and, when it came to my turn, they both sang together and told me to not sing. How mortifying to be the world’s worst singer trying to keep up with two of the greatest talents I’ve ever known”.  David Gest