This blog is dedicated to my king, Michael Jackson.


”My favourite memory of all was when I was driving with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston in his car, in the mid-1980s, singing Dionne Warwick’s greatest hits. Michael would sing one song, then Whitney would sing the next and, when it came to my turn, they both sang together and told me to not sing. How mortifying to be the world’s worst singer trying to keep up with two of the greatest talents I’ve ever known”.  David Gest

'Michael was great and very shy. I remember the first time John Landis came over to shoot us working on Michael’s make-up for his behind-the-scenes stuff - which I wasn’t too happy about and Michael wasn’t too happy about - Michael was so nervous that, as soon as the cameras came in, he ran off and hid in the bathroom.

It was so different to when he was performing; Thriller was happening during the making of the Motown Anniversary Special, when Michael first did the moonwalk, and one of the guys bought a tape of the show in and said, “Watch this”. That was him, when he was performing. That was when he came alive.”   Rick Baker - make-up effects, worked on Thriller video